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HGV repair, Hgv recovery

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HGV repair
Boleyn Transport Ltdis a premium commercial garage offering a quality service for Truck and HGV Repair in Islington at up to 50% cheaper than main dealers. For a reliable fleet solution and genuine pay as you go service call us now. We are available 2-47-365 on 0800 8 24-7 667 or 020 8594 5637.

Start saving today - delegate all your fleet solutions to one supplier with one invoicing system all from one location. Simple solutions by fleet owners for fleet owners. Ask about our HGV MOT and Pre MOT package offers.

If we maintain, service and pre mot your vehicle we will give you a free re-test if it fails. (HGV Test must be at our premises)We are available 24-7-365. Over 50 years of uninterrupted trading. Join us now for nationwide breakdown recovery and discounted local recovery if the vehicle comes into our workshop for repair Genuine pay as you go service. No joining fee, no annual fee. Call us anytime for a free comparison breakdown recovery quote with no obligation. We can be your reliable plan "b". Join today - open an account so that we can offer you a seamless service out of hours with no worries about payment. Join now - you have nothing to lose Why pay expensive R & M packages when we can turn your vehicle round in double time. We guarantee to see your vehicle within 1 hour of dropping it off. No booking required. Why use 3 different contractors? One for recovery, one for repair, one for maintenance when you can just use one. One invoice system and point of contact - simple solutions by fleet owners for fleet owners.Why use an expensive call centre or management company when you can come straight to the source. This equates to reliability, speedier recovery and cheaper quotes because there is no middle man to pay.We are not just another call centre - being fleet owners we will understand your problems - our experienced technicians will get you moving - NOW!

Boleyn Commercial Park has extensive fleet workshops for commercial vehicle repair that incorporates a Ministry of Transport approved HGV and PSV MOT testing station. We offer a range of services to HGV and PSV Operators.

Your ultimate fleet solution. Join us now, you have nothing to lose>>>>

Nationwide Breakdown Recovery & Commercial Roadside Assistance | Accident Repair I MOT centre for Class 4, 5, and 7 | VOSA HGV/ PSV Testing station | Fleet Workshops | Commercial Vehicle Repair | Commercial Diagnostics | Trailer inspections | Commercial Tyres | Smoke test | Beam Test | Brake Test | Vehicle safety Inspections | Pre MOT inspections I Tri checks = Beam Test, Smoke Test and Brake Test

Hgv recovery and repair Hgv recovery and repair

All services under one roof
Call us now hgv psv mot and safety inspections

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Vehcile safety inspections , PSV, HGV MOT give us a call 020 8594 2477
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